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After falling and fracturing her right leg, Ruth Thornburgh came to Life Care Center of Crossville, Tennessee, for rehabilitation.


When Thornburgh arrived at the skilled nursing and rehab center on May 25, 2019, she was unable to walk or stand. She needed extensive assistance to roll over in bed, as well as to bathe or get dressed, and she needed some help with sitting balance as well.


Five days a week, Thornburgh did physical and occupational therapies, working on strength, balance, endurance, her self-care skills and eventually gait. Using the OmniCycle® exercise machine helped her work on her upper- and lower-body strength from a seated position.


“Mrs. Thornburgh worked hard every day and was determined to regain her independence,” said Lisa Cravens, physical therapist assistant.


Thornburgh returned home on Aug. 30, able to fully dress herself, transfer from one surface to another and walk with a walker.


“The nurses were great, the certified nursing assistants were helpful and therapy did everything I was hoping for,” Thornburgh said.