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Mary Swallows is walking again after a bout with cellulitis on her legs that sent her to the hospital and left her barely mobile.


It’s rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Crossville, Tennessee, that got her up and moving again.


When Swallows arrived on Jan. 11, 2017, she was unable to talk and couldn’t even get out of bed on her own. She needed total assistance to bathe or get dressed from the waist down, and she needed extensive assistance to get dressed from the waist up and groom herself. She also had some trouble with cognition.


Swallows started working with the occupational therapy team six days a week to improve her ability to take care of herself. The OTs trained her in functional exercises and fine motor skills.


Meanwhile, physical therapists and speech therapists worked with Swallows five days a week. PTs trained her on mobility skills like moving from her bed to a wheelchair, standing up, sitting down, balancing and walking, and STs helped her improve her thinking skills.


"I loved that therapy, even though it was hard,” said Swallows. “Everyone was so sweet. I’m 94, and I appreciate the help and patience.”


“When Mary arrived, it took help from two people to even stand up,” said Connie Tacke, occupational therapist assistant. “She can now get up without help and walk more than 500 feet with only contact-guard assistance [someone standing beside her to steady her]. She worked very hard in therapy. She kept motivated and enjoyed exercise and interacting with the therapists and other patients.”


On March 22, Swallows was able to return to her assisted living apartment at her prior level of function.


For more information about rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Crossville, please call (931) 484-4782.