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Loraine Degroote suffers from congestive heart failure, which affects the heart’s ability to pump blood to all organs, causing general bodily weakness.


After Degroot’s condition caused her to fall, she found herself with mobility limitations and difficulty performing activities of daily living, like dressing and bathing.


Degroote came to Life Care Center of Crossville, Tennessee, on June 24, 2019 for rehabilitation.


Upon arrival, Degroote needed assistance to walk, transfer (such as from her bed to a chair), and perform everyday self-care tasks.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Degroote to help her become independent again. Physical therapists used exercises and special equipment, like an OmniCycle®, to strengthen her and help her regain mobility. Occupational therapists helped her learn to take care of herself without assistance.


Degroote finished therapy on Aug. 6, 2019. Upon completion, she could walk, transfer, dress herself and perform most of her activities of daily living without assistance.


“Mrs. Degroote was very motivated to return to her previous abilities,” said Ed Gadd, physical therapist assistant. “She was happy to try new activities as her strength improved.”


After completing therapy, Degroote returned home with good memories of her time at the facility.


“The staff is like one big family,” Degroote said. “Therapy was excellent, the nursing staff was wonderful and the food was good and plenty.”