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On Feb. 20, 2018, Cumberland Medical Center in Crossville, Tennessee, presented a certificate of appreciation to Life Care Center of Crossville.


CMC held a continuum of care meeting that day to recognize community partners.


The certificate honored Life Care Center of Crossville for continued diligence in reducing hospital readmissions, as well as the ease of communication between the hospital and the skilled nursing and rehab center.


“The American Health Care Association states that frequent trips to the hospital are disruptive to seniors and put them at greater risk for complications and infections,” said Josh Lee, interim executive director at Life Care Center of Crossville. “Our facility recognized that hospital readmissions were a focus, that reducing this rate would have a positive impact on our patients and providers. With an interdisciplinary approach, we diligently work toward further reducing readmissions. Receiving this recognition means we are on pace in achieving our goal.”


Jean Bennett, business development director at Life Care Center of Crossville, shared how the facility has reduced the number of “bouncebacks,” or readmissions to the hospital within 30 days of admission to the center.


“We educated the staff further on signs and symptoms, so that we are picking things up earlier and treating as much as we can in-house,” Bennett said. “We are very diligent in looking at hospital data, labs, etc., on the front end, to circumvent any possible readmissions.”


Lynn Kerley, admissions director, added, “I would like to thank Cumberland Medical Center personally for their continued efforts in communicating upon admission to our facility. With their communication efforts, we are aware of each individual’s diagnosis and needs so we are able to provide the highest quality of care to our residents.”